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Friday, July 31, 2009

Walt Disney World July 2009- The Magic Kingdom

When I went to the Magic Kingdom, I went there noing that it was not supposed to be Disneyland. But after experiencing it, there are some parts that try to be Disneyland, while there are other parts that scream "This is Disney World, not Disneyland".

Main Street can go either way in this. While it looks similar, it is not. For one thing, it seems as though it's actually smaller then Disneyland's. But at the end of the street, the castle isn't right there. It's very far away, in an odd barren spot. They also have a Partners statue, but it seems odd for Walt to be in the park, for he died before he could see it.

During the trip, Space Mountain was closed. Without it, and with out an Indiana Jones ride, Star Tours, Matterhorn, or Roger Rabitt ride, and with a suckish Pirates, there was just not much to do. Soon, Splash Mountain emerged as my favorite ride in the park. Next was Thunder Mountain, which was right next to Splash Mountain. So you can imagine most of my time was spent in these areas.

Fantasyland is in a state of, well, disrepair. It seems like it still thinks it is in the 70s. I think it will be fixed one day, especially with concept art of a new proposed Fantasyland surfacing on the Internet.

Parts of Tomorrowland also seems to suffer from this, specifically the back. The enterance corridor is pretty nice. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy Club, while a very fun and cool show, does not thematically make sense in Tomorrowland. Stitch's Great Escape was not very fun, quite odd actually.

All in all, the Magic Kingdom was just ok. Not my favorite park, but not the worse. Still, of is a long way from favorite park status.

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