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Monday, July 27, 2009

Walt Disney World July 2009: The Airport, Magical Express, and the Weather

First of all, does it ever get cool in WDW? If it does, it was not the case this time. Flordia was hot and humid, with the 2 climate factors becoming progressingly worse over the course of the week I was there.

The weather caused people to become cranky, but there was not 1 single cranky CM, they are all great!

We left our house and rode to the Airport in Westchester via limo. Why? Well, because that airport was the smallest airport in the world. It only had 2 gates, and 1 carousel for baggage claim. We flew on AirTran, which was a nice airline, especially with XM Sattelite Radio on board the flight. However, they started this new WiFi thing, in which you can pay for internet access. Now, with the flight only lasting 2 hours, it was not worht it at all.

After arrving at Orlando Airport, we took Magical Express and it was really easy. I took care of the luggage on the bus, so it was always with us. They played a cute little video about WDW. Very hassle free, and the airline checkin at the hotel was quite nice. Thumbs up from me!

When we got to the Saratoga Springs, I was very impressed by the hotel. But that's a story for tomorrow...

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