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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

General Hospital Weekly Roundup: Week of May 18

Yesterday was Memorial Day, so there was a repeat of General Hospital on. It was that faithful episode that left our beloved Micheal in a coma, only to come out of it an older, blonder, and bitter teen ager. So, I took yesterday off to write my column, but I'm back today!

Micheal is awake, but I want him to go in a coma again. I know, I've benn ruiting for him, but he's been a complete bastard to his mother. His language also leaves much to be desired. If I ever talked to my parents like that, I would be slapped back into a coma. How dare he, especially to Carly. Carly was the only person who had faith in him. But Micheal doesn't understand that. He's to busy worrying about driving and chatting with a "kid his own age" Lulu and playing Edward to care. Michael, please, grow up.

Now, the kid wants to live with his dad. Um, why? He's mad at Carly for having a baby that could kill her, but how will he feel when he learns that Sonny almost married Kate while he was in a coma, and he did marry Claudia and now is going to have a kid with her? Maybe he should move in with the Q's.

On the flip side, let's go to another kid. Ethan just learned Luke is NOT his father. Thank God it's not luke. Now, this is the first time I've ever met Holly (is that sad. Well, then again, she was on the soap before I was born), and right now, I'm not sure what I think of her. I hated her when she told Tracy she wanted look, but felt for her when she revealed the true paternity of Ethan. So I'll withold my judgement for a while. Then again, I'm not to found of Robert being the dad either. I loved Ana and Robert together. Speaking of which, will either one ever come back?

Grossest thing this weak: Johnny and Olivia sleeping together. Ew, just ew. She's old enough to be his mother, and they're rolling around. It makes me sick. Will Sonny tell Dante and will he come to rescue his mother? Will we finally see him? How old is he that he doesn;t need his mother with him? I mean, Olivia's been gone for 6 months. Is she missed at all?

In other news: Robin will return this week, perhaps on a broomstick. Let's see if going to rehab helped her. Who knows, maybe she's actually Helena in disguise!

GH is pretty good right now. Stil, let's hope next week is better.

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