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Thursday, April 23, 2009

"The Story of the Oceanic Six"

We've heard it so many times, let's move on please. Last night's episode was a waste, we all know it. The only good thing was that they put the flashes in chronological order, which was nice. However, I'm hear today to talk about the remainder of the season.

Unfortunately, next week The Almighty Barack Obama will talk about his First 100 days as president. Excuse me sir, don't take this the wrong way, but screw you! What are you discussing, the fact that since you've become president, you're increasing the deficet, taxing me and my friends to death, as well as my future children, and that you're shutting down a Military prison where terrorists are being held because they may have done "torture" onto those poor souls who want us dead? Oh, will you spend 20 minutes talking about your dog?

Sorry to go all political on you, but honestly, this is a huge milestone for Lost. 100 Episodes! What's more important. Oh, and if you want to see torture, see what Sayid used to do to prisoners. Or watch one of your speeches, especially the way you bob your head up and down to get everyone seasick.

Ok, that's enough politics. In 2 weeks, we get a Richard Flashback!!! OMG! I really can't wait. He's either an Egyptian, or he's a very old Jack Sparrow who found the Fountain of Youth on the Island and crashed his boat there.

We will finally see Rose and Bernard in the finale. God, where the hell have they been? MEmbers of Dharma, presumably. Also, in the season finale, a beloved charcter will die. I've heard it will affect us much like the death of Charlie. This is going to be upsetting, especially if it is one of the Oceanic 6. But then again, if it's Julliete, that's all right with me!

So that's pretty mich it. I really hope that His Highness, Mr. Obama doesn't interrupt Lost. If he does, well... Does anyone know a way to contact Ben? I need to ask him a favor...

Top 3 Questions I want Answered:
1). What does Daniel know about the island?
2). Will we ever see Ji-Yeon again?
3). Is Obama insane?

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