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Monday, April 20, 2009

General Hospital Weekly Roundup: Week of April 13

I was so excited last week. I thought "This is it. GH is going to be great!" And guess what- I was right!

On Monday, Helena Cassidine slithered into General Hospital upon 5 inch heels to take over the hospital's monitors. How she did that will never be known, like how she found the technology to bring her son back to life like Walt Disney. But why is she back? She claims it's for a painting. Yeah, ok Helena. Ok.

Funniest quote of the week: Helena goes to Alexis before leaving Wyndemyere: "Alexis, try using some collogen. You're not aging well". Brilliant, although Alexis still looks great!

Another Villian came home: Jerry Jax. He has taken the DVDs he made and destroyed them, save for one. So now Ric looks like a complete ass, and I love it! But then again, Sonny is suspicious of Claudia, and wants Jerry found so he can get all the info he can about Micheal's shooting. BUT, I'd like to point out that when asked what he will do to Claudia if she is involved in the shooting, Sonny gives short replies like "You know what I have to do" or "You can't hide". But, I think ke wouldn't kill her. I actually think he's starting to fall for Claudia.

And Claudia just took a pregnancy test. I think she is pregnant, and so is Carly. I really want a happy story right now, and a Carly/Jax baby would be that. We don't know the details, but Carly could be in trouble with her pregnancy. God, I hope not. I want both of them to deliever healthy babies, especially Carly.

Back to Jerry, we found him sitting by Micheal's bedside. And Jax walked right in. Wonder what he's going to say.

Also, I'd like to point out that it's been, what, 2 months since the Hospital burnt down. And it's already opened? Wow, I need to get a hold of those contracters.

I'm really exicted for next week!

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